b'YOUR COMPASSIONATECOMMUNITYWe are extremelygrateful to Jeffrey Marshalland Heritage Conservancyfor suggesting that we applyto Harrisburg to put [theNakashima buildings andproperty] on the NationalRegister of Historic Places in 2008Because of Heritage Conservancys initiative, we have become more aware of the historic significance and value of the buildings and property that my father George Nakashima designed andthe importance of preserving them, and we have gained public recognition for architectural preservation as we apply for, receive grants, and keep this legacy alive and well. We hope to preserve the Nakashima Village and furniture business but also to retain our small pieces of wilderness surrounding that For many years I have been aproperty as a remnant and reminder of what Bucks County used to be, donor [of Heritage Conservancy] in excess of my annual dues, but this year, I simply felt I should do more, thus the gift ofand hopefully, always will be.Mira Nakashima of George Nakashima Woodworkers appreciated stock. I believe in the mission(Photo courtesy of Mira Nakashima) of the Conservancy to preserve farmland, natural resources and our heritage by desig-nating and preserving historical structures.I recently discovered a brief article written by Dr. Eugenia South, a faculty Having grown up in Bucks County and then returnedmember at the University Of Pennsylvania years later to raise my own family School Of Medicine. Her study found that here, I have seen the drasticbeautiful flowers, trees and open spaces decrease in our open space. Sobrightened overall mental health. When we many native species of animalscontribute to Heritage Conservancy, we and plants are disappearing dueare contributing not only to our own mental to habitat loss, fragmentationhealth, but also to that of our children, and invasive species. The workgrandchildren and all future generations.of Heritage Conservancy is soI suggest that you also embrace this vital to the protection of whatgreat opportunity to preserve our past,remains, particularly contiguous present and future for the benefit ofpieces of crucial habitat. Through Heritage Conservancy, I can be part ofall mankind.conserving our land, learning how to live in this beautiful landscape without Richard B. Millham harming it, and supporting our local farmers through the concept of farmof Millham Insurance Pam Mikula Paolino owner of Bucks County Alive andto table. I am very proud to be a supporter of this hard-working organization. Mikula Web Solutions11'