b'Connecting Community with OurNatural and Historic HeritageHeritage Conservancys mission is to preserve and protect our natural and historic heritage, and along with that, our organization strives to connect your community to those special places that you help us protect. In such a year, we were fortunate to have opportunities to allow people to safely get outdoors, learn, and seek solace.At Networking with the Network, our YoungFriends Network introduced young professionalsto Heritage Conservancy to help inspire the leaders of tomorrow. It is always important to share our mission with a new audience.Heritage Conservancys annual mushroom hike is a crowd favorite, and for good reason! Luke Smithson, an amateur field mycologist and head chef forJamie Hollander Gourmet Foods & Catering, hasIn January 2020, we held an Owl Prowl at Manoff such enthusiasm for the subject that he empowers Market Gardens where almost 50 people joined us toothers to look at mushrooms with a whole newhear birding expert Diane Allison give a presentationperspective. In the fall, Luke led a group throughabout the 8 different owl species that can be found our Harts Woods Preserve in Doylestown, stoppingin Pennsylvania. Diane emphasized the importance to enlighten everyone along the way. Many of theof habitat and how owls are important predators to mushrooms have symbiotic relationships with thehelp keep rodent populations in check; she noted trees in the forest and help to create a networkthat rodenticides shouldnt be used because they for a healthy ecosystem. Luke explained how somecan harm the owls that consume mice that have mushrooms grow on fallen trees to help them eaten the poison. During the prowl portion of the decompose and return to the earth, and to thatevening, the group took a walk outside and waited point, he picked up fresh soil from a decaying in silence as Diane played a screech owl call. With tree to show the mushrooms work in action! patience, to the delight of the crowd, she was able to call in an Eastern Screech Owl! 12'