b'All Terrain Vehicles are an ongoing issue and Heritage Conservancy hosted a surf and turfa detriment to the environment at our Croydoncleanup at the Bristol Marsh Nature Preserve that Woods Nature Preserve. ATVs can harm wildlife andinvolved volunteers on land and volunteers in kayaks growing plant life and disrupt the entire ecosystemon the water to remove litter, which helped to ensure of the woods. In the spring, Heritage Conservancythat our group had the whole marsh covered!staff and volunteers installed boulders that will Partnering with DCNR to celebrate River Days, which serve as blockades to deter ATVs from driving is sponsored by the Alliance for Watershed Educationonto the property. Croydon Woods is an asset of the Delaware River, Heritage Conservancy staff to the community, where community members members joined nearly 20 volunteers to remove can go for passive recreation to enjoy the sights trash and debris from the area. This cleanup helped and sounds of the great outdoors. to protect drinking water that over 15 millionpeople depend on.Every year toward the end of winter, through ourIn March, Heritage Conservancys stewardship team Quakertown Swamp Amphibian Rescue Partnership,installed mallard houses at our Russell-MandelHeritage Conservancy staff members and volunteersPreserve and Quakertown Swamp Preserve inmonitor Bucks County for crossing patterns of preparation for the nesting season. These houses amphibians. Amphibians such as salamanders are made by rolling welded wire fencing into a tube and frogs awake from hibernation on rainy, warm along with straw or hay, and then they are placed evenings and embark on a dangerous trek acrosson a pole over water. Our Fridays in the Forestbusy roads in order to get to the vernal pools on volunteer group constructed and assembled the the other side to breed. Marlin, a herpetologist andhouses. The mallard, the most recognizable and longtime volunteer for the crossings, shared with common duck in Pennsylvania, has seen a drastic us this year that he has seen several of the same decrease in their numbers over the years. There are salamanders from year to year. Since amphibians several reasons for this decline that biologists have are bioindicators, this is a great sign that the theorized, and one of those is habitat loss. Heritage environment is healthy and that the crossings Conservancy is doing its part by offering these rustic help to provide longevity. chic abodes to help boost population numbers!15'