b'FROM THE LEADERSHIP TEAMDear Friends,In our 2019 Annual Report, the letter from our leadership team included this message: We may face more challenges going forward, and we cant always predict what those will be, but what we do know is that, as long as we have our communitys support, Heritage Conservancy will always be true to its mission.We couldnt have known how truly foretelling that would be. This past year presented challenges that none of us could have ever foreseen. While there were challenges all around us, we also found solutions. The year 2020 highlighted the resiliency of all of us as individuals and as a community.We showed how we can put others before ourselves and how we understand the importance of listening to science. That sentiment embodies Heritage Conservancys mission. We know that itsimportant to protect land now because it will keep all of us safer, and it will also protect important resources for the generations that come after us. Through your support, you have continued to show us that you couldnt agree more. During a trying time, your community has shown up to let us know that our mission matters greatly to you and that Heritage Conservancys work must continue. We are constantly reminded of how special this community truly is.Our mission, and the impact that your support has on it, was even more importantthan ever in 2020. Many of us turned to our natural environment to find solace and to stay active.Heritage Conservancys public preserves were more traveled than ever this year, and we provided opportunities for community members to safely connect with nature through smaller outdoor activities such as mushroom hikes, volunteer tree plantings, and Concerts in the Garden. Heritage Conservancy also facilitated the preservation of over 450 acres of land just this year alone, 120 acres of which will provide publicly accessible green space to your community.We recognize even more the importance of Heritage Conservancys missionto all of you, and we remain committed to protecting our open spaces and historic places to benefit the quality of life for all. Nature is resilient. We are resilient. Lets look forward to enjoying our natural and historic heritage together in the year ahead.With appreciation,Find more informationon our website when Jeffrey L. MarshallLinda J. Cacossayou see this symbol+ PresidentChief Operating Officer 2'