b'PROTECTING In 2020, Heritage Conservancy facilitated the preservation of nine properties in Bucks OUR NATURALCounty and its surrounding area, totaling over 450 acres. Pages 6 and 7 highlight some of those properties that will beRESOURCES permanently protected for the benefitof our community and future generations. Thank you to the landowners, community partners and funders that helped to make these accomplishments a reality.BLUE ROCK INVESTMENTCORPORATION FARM 96.6 acresBedminster Township, Bucks CountyPROTECTED NATURAL RESOURCES Located near the intersection of Routes 313 and 113; SCANNAPIECO PROPERTY 17.9 acresfeatures 3,500 feet of road frontage that contributes Solebury Township, Bucks Countyto scenic landscapesPROTECTED NATURAL RESOURCES Active working farm that contains prime agricultural soils Features approximately 4,000 feet of Delaware River and soils of statewide significance waterfront and scenic landscapes Contains hardwood forest of predominantly hickory treesConsists of mostly forested floodplain, which helps Across from Weis Markets, it is in a prime location forto prevent erosion and flooding and contributes to the development that would have left it highly vulnerable protection of our drinking waterif not preservedFeatures critical wildlife habitatFUNDERSBordered to the east by the Delaware River and the westBucks Countys Agricultural Land Preservation Programby the Delaware Canal(majority)Included in the Delaware River Conservation LandscapeBedminster Township as identified in the Bucks County Natural Areas Heritage Conservancys Calvin Ruth Memorial Fund Inventory; it was a high priority for preservationFUNDERS Solebury Township Lower Delaware Wild and Scenic River Management Council with funding from the National Park Service William Penn Foundation6'