Keeping Special Places Special: Protecting a Community’s Distinctive, Character-Defining Elements 🗓

Wednesday, April 10th
Beginning at 6:00 PM
Delaware Valley University
Life Sciences Building Auditorium
700 E. Butler Ave.
Doylestown, PA 18901

Heritage Conservancy is partnering with Del Val University on its “One Health” Series, which brings awareness to help attain well-being for people and society, the environment, and plants and animals.

This particular One Health speaker is none other than Heritage Conservancy’s President, Jeff Marshall! This seminar will emphasize the unique ways in which land use and building architecture help to shape communities and our impacts on the planet for future generations.

A delicate tapestry is created by the interwoven connectedness between natural land and the buildings developed through the course of history. The basics of human survival rely on protecting critical resources such as clean air, clean water and healthy food. These pieces are essential to the success of current and future generations. Beyond the basic benefits provided by protecting these resources are increased scenic and recreational amenities offered from land preservation. Throw in the preservation of the distinctive architecture of towns, small villages and farms that make a region unique and one quickly realizes that the effect of “protecting our natural and historic heritage” should be relevant to all the members of the community. These resources create a tapestry that makes our community special, but it is a delicate balance between the past, present and future that once destroyed, may never be restored.

Free for everyone; all are welcome. Contact Reg Hoyt at 215-489-2943 or with any questions.

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