Croydon Woods Nature Preserve

Croydon Woods Nature Preserve

Croydon Woods Nature Preserve is an 80-acre forested property in Bristol Township, and it is one of the last remaining coastal plain forests in the state. Located in close proximity to the Delaware River, it provides publicly accessible green space in a more developed area of Bucks County. Many mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians inhabit the forest, and it also serves as a migratory stop for traveling birds.

Thanks to many cleanups with the help of local volunteers, Heritage Conservancy has brought this ecosystem back from years of dumping and littering.

Heritage Conservancy works closely with the local Little League club and nearby Keystone Elementary School to provide field trips and educational opportunities at the property. By connecting the community with this important natural resource, the Conservancy hopes to promote stewardship of it.

Croydon Woods Nature Preserve is closed to all motorized vehicles. Unfortunately, ATV use is rampant on the property, and it has resulted in the ecosystem suffering destructive ecological impacts. Heritage Conservancy is working hard to curtail ATV use on the property.

Croydon Woods Nature Preserve is open to the public for all to enjoy. The community is welcome to use this beautiful preserve for passive recreation such as walking, jogging, nature study, and dog walking (leashed). The property is located in a residential neighborhood.

“Croydon Woods: From Superfund Site to Community Gem”