Sol and Rose Preserve

Sol and Rose Preserve

Heritage Conservancy’s Sol and Rose Preserve is a 27-acre property consisting of floodplain forest with a meandering walking trail. Located along the Delaware River in Washington Crossing, PA, this property provides an enjoyable detour off of the Delaware Canal towpath, which is part of the D&L Trail.

The Sol and Rose Preserve was donated to the Conservancy in 1978 by Sol and Rose Feinstone. Sol was an immigrant from Lithuania who went on to become a well-known collector of Americana and started the David Library to house his collection and promote the study of the American Revolution. He also studied forestry, which reinforced his conservationist beliefs.

The Feinstones’ goal in donating the property was to see it preserved, ensuring that all people had access to beautiful green spaces, not just the wealthy. The covenant on the property specifies that it must be “held in open space in perpetuity to conserve natural and scenic resources.”

With community support, Conservancy staff have recently begun installing trails on the property. Several clean-ups held on the property resulted in the removal of over 150 old tires. We will continue our clean-up and trail maintenance with the goal of providing a short wooded diversion for folks walking the towpath where they can see some of our region’s native flora and fauna.

Sol and Rose Preserve is located off of the towpath of the canal, so there is no direct parking for it.