Quakertown Swamp

Quakertown Swamp

Quakertown Swamp has long been recognized as an exceptional wetland habitat, encompassing an area of approximately 518 acres of land in Richland, East Rockhill and West Rockhill Townships. It is among the largest inland wetlands in southeastern Pennsylvania, and is home to diverse plant and animal communities.

The swamp is recognized as significant by the Pennsylvania Natural Diversity Inventory because it is a haven for a variety of wildlife species, including beaver and waterfowl. The area has been listed as a first priority site in the Bucks County Natural Areas Inventory (NAI) and is categorized by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as an all important wetland area. More than 91 bird species nest in the swamp. The swamp supports several rare bird species and has been designated by the National Audubon Society as one of 70 Important Bird Areas in the state. In fact, it is home to what may be the largest Great Blue Heron rookery in eastern Pennsylvania.

Swamps are important to communities because they store water during floods, preventing costly flood damage to downstream areas. Also, their dense plant growth absorbs pollutants from water, which helps to maintain our region’s water quality.

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  • A Self-Guided Tour of the Quakertown Swamp
  • Information about the Quakertown Swamp and the Great Blue Heron
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Map of our Lasting Landscape initiative for the Quakertown Swamp


Quakertown Swamp and the Great Blue Heron

A Self-Guided Tour of Quakertown Swamp