Aldie Mansion Guided Tours

Aldie Mansion Guided Tours

**Aldie Mansion historic tours are closed until further notice. If you are considering renting Aldie Mansion and would like a tour of it for use as a special events venue, contact Jeffrey A. Miller Catering at 215-348-3509.**

Come learn about the Mercer legacy and how Heritage Conservancy’s mission is at work in your community during a guided tour of Aldie Mansion!

Aldie Mansion, home of Heritage Conservancy, is an extension of the Mercer family legacy. Henry Mercer of Fonthill Castle, Moravian Tileworks, and the Mercer Museum, was the older brother of William Mercer. William and his wife, Martha, commissioned the construction of Aldie Mansion in 1927 as a Tudor Revival style home.

William Mercer was a talented artist himself who created a number of sculptures, fountains, and fireplace mantels, much of which can be seen on the tour. Stairs are involved but ramps can be requested on the lower level. 

Take a leisurely stroll through historic Aldie Mansion’s gardens in this virtual tour! This video highlights some of William Mercer’s concrete sculptures along with the idyllic gardens of the Mansion.