Services for Municipalities

Services for Municipalities

Based in Bucks County, PA, Heritage Conservancy is an accredited not-for-profit conservation organization that specializes in open space preservation, planning for sustainable communities, natural resource protection, property stewardship, historic preservation, adaptive reuse of existing structures, wildlife habitat restoration and biodiversity. Below is a list of services we offer for municipalities.

Adaptive Re-Use and Feasibility Studies
We partner with clients and colleagues to evaluate buildings and structures in older communities, particularly historic sites, to determine the feasibility of re-use and rehabilitation.

Greenway and Trail Planning
Part of our mission is to connect people with the land. Connecting a network of natural corridors through trails is one of the best ways we know to engage the public with their natural environment.

Historic Preservation
How do you ensure that the most significant aspects of your neighborhood’s rich history are preserved for generations to come? We can help you discover the stories your community can tell through historic resource inventories and structure evaluation.

Community Planning
What do you want the future of your properties to look like? Through master site planning expertise, we’ll help you shape the strategic direction of your properties.

Open Space Planning
We develop long-range strategies for permanent protection of your communities’ vital natural resources through writing open space plans and implementation, landowner outreach, grant writing and drafting of conservation easements, baseline documentation, and easement monitoring.

River Conservation Planning
As a partner in watershed conservation, we assist communities in identifying and preserving key watershed resources, and increasing the relationship between land stewardship and watershed function.

Watershed Restoration
We are a leader in river conservation plans and watershed restoration services, including riparian assessments and restoration, monitoring tools and technology, and invasive species removal.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about these services.