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Women, Land, and Legacy

On November 19th, Heritage Conservancy partnered with the Glenmede Trust Company, N.A., an investment and private wealth management firm, to facilitate a discussion on women in philanthropy. Over 40 guests were in attendance for this second event of a three-part series hosted by the Conservancy and Glenmede. Kris Kern, Heritage Conservancy’s Director of Resource Protection, [...]


Hertz Branches Out for A Tree Planting

Business supporters are an important asset to the work we do at Heritage Conservancy. On November 7th, five staff members from Hertz Car Rental joined our weekly Fridays in the Forest volunteers, along with community members from the Lower Bucks County Athletic Association, for a tree planting at our Croydon Woods Nature Preserve. In 2017, [...]


Mast Trees: Capturing the Fruits of Their Labor

In last month’s Heritage Happenings and on Facebook, we shared a video of beech trees “raining” beech nuts at our Hart’s Woods Preserve. Capturing a moment like this is exciting and rare, and it begs the question–what was happening and why? Beech trees fall under the category of tree called mast trees. “Mast” is a [...]


Heritage Conservancy Adds White Bridge Farm to Its Register of Historic Places

Heritage Conservancy is proud to announce that another listing has been added to our Register of Historic Places, this one in the form of White Bridge Farm! Located in Rushland, Bucks County, the land was originally owned by John Wilkinson in the early 18th century and passed down through several generations until the mid-19th century. [...]


Pennsylvania Impressionist Exhibit at Gratz Gallery Will Support Land and Historic Preservation

At the beginning of October, Heritage Conservancy staff members helped welcome attendees to the Gratz Gallery’s exhibit opening of “The Beauty of Bucks County.” Over 200 community members entered the gallery to gaze upon paintings from Edward Redfield, Daniel Garber, George Sotter, and the likes. With renowned names like those, it is a truly special [...]


Trumbauersville Borough Acquires 8.5-acre Property to Add to Community Park With Support from Heritage Conservancy

Trumbauersville Borough recently added a neighboring 8.5-acre piece of land to its 12-acre Veterans Park, which currently provides public active recreation opportunities such as a playground, basketball court, and a ball field. Heritage Conservancy supported the Borough in this property acquisition by completing the grant applications to seek funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation [...]


Old-Growth Forests Bring New Life

This Saturday, November 2nd, Heritage Conservancy and Doylestown Township will celebrate the dedication of Hart’s Woods Preserve into the Old-Growth Forest Network! This 20-acre portion of woods is a classic Eastern hardwood climax mature forest populated by massive American beech and oak trees and younger species like red maple and tulip poplar. So what exactly [...]


Tour de Heritage: A Historic Bike Ride Through Doylestown

On Saturday, October 26th, Heritage Conservancy staff and volunteers led a group of bicyclists through the streets of Doylestown and Buckingham for the inaugural Tour de Heritage bike ride, stopping at select historic properties along the 10-mile route. The riders may have crossed the finish line, but the stories of the tour live on for [...]


Promoting Pollinator Species

Many of our pollinator species are at risk, and one reason for that is because of habitat loss. Pollinators species, such as butterflies and bees, are responsible for about 40% of food crop production, so it is especially important that we take action to help. With community support, Heritage Conservancy staff members have been working [...]


The Duval Property Added to Heritage Conservancy’s Register of Historic Places

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Laure Duval, her property in Tinicum Township has now become the latest addition to Heritage Conservancy’s Register of Historic Places! Also known as the Anderson Farm, Duval’s property derives its name from one of its most notable owners, Frederick O. Anderson, the first advertising editor of Life [...]



    1. Christmas at Aldie

      December 8 @ 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
    2. Holiday Open House at Aldie Mansion

      December 11 @ 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm