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Linda Cacossa, Heritage Conservancy’s Chief Operating Officer, Announces Retirement

COO Linda Cacossa leaves a legacy as a leader in local and regional land preservation. Written by LisaBeth Weber. Linda Cacossa, Chief Operating Officer of Heritage Conservancy since 2011, has announced her retirement, effective August 1, 2023. Linda has been an integral part of the growth and sustainability of the organization for close to 13 [...]


Turtles on the Road: How to Help

Eastern Box Turtle found crossing a quiet back road. The months of May and June usually spring most of our wildlife into action. With cooler temperatures quickly fading, resources become plentiful, as do the critters that utilize them. Sunlight and warmth are among the resources that cold-blooded animals, such as turtles, rely on the most. [...]


The Benefits of Downed Wood

Chicken of the woods fungi living on a dead log on Heritage Conservancy preserved land (Photo by Sebastian Harris). All trees have a life expectancy. In Pennsylvania, some trees (like fire cherries) only live for a few decades, while other trees (such as oaks) can live for many centuries if no diseases cut their lives [...]


Celebrating Women’s History Month: Four Influential Environmental Advocates

These four women (from left to right: Rosalie Edge, Margaret Murie, Rachel Carson, and Greta Thunberg) have made a significant impact on the history of the environmental conservation movement. Heritage Conservancy proudly celebrates Women’s History Month. We’d like to take a moment to recognize four women who have been influential in the history of environmental [...]


Regrowth and Reforestation: Replacing Ash Trees

Each ash species has leaves that generally turn a brilliant yellow in the fall. Once a thriving component of PA forests, the ash tree genus (Fraxinus) has hit hard times in the past two decades. For me, the best antidote to this feeling is to imagine what may come next if we are good and [...]


Heritage Conservancy Adds Three New Buildings to its Register of Historic Places

Any structure that is approved for the Register of Historic Places is eligible to display a plaque to recognize its historic and/or architectural elements. Three new buildings, the Scholl Pottery House, the Renninger Apartment Building, and the Theodore Cornell Manor, have been added to Heritage Conservancy’s Register of Historic Places. Heritage Conservancy maintains and updates [...]


Maria Rieders Named New Board Chair

Maria Rieders, Heritage Conservancy’s new Board Chair. With the start of 2023, Heritage Conservancy has named Maria T. Rieders, Ph.D., the new Chair of its Board of Directors. The Board of Directors assists Heritage Conservancy in achieving its mission, and its members’ combined extensive experience and commitment help bolster efforts in preservation, reaching financial goals, [...]


Two Turtles for World Wetlands Day

Two native species of the turtle variety that are often found around or within wetlands. Wetlands come in a variety of types. Some are found along the coast, such as tidal marshes, while others can be found isolated along mountain ranges, such as vernal pools. Pennsylvania is rich with a variety of wetland types, along [...]


What’s Happening Here? An Important Update on Our Fuller-Pursell Preserve

As you walk around the Fuller-Pursell Preserve, you’ll notice many trees that we recently cut down. What did we do, why did we do it, and what happens now? The forest at Fuller-Pursell contained 3000 or more dead ash trees – victims of the emerald ash borer, an invasive insect that has killed tens of [...]


The Year Ahead

Happy New Year! Heritage Conservancy is grateful to everyone who helped with the successes of the past year. We had many notable achievements in 2022: our Christmas at Aldie event was the most successful one to date, we launched our Guide for Social-Emotional Learning, worked to accept The Grand Theater into our Register of Historic [...]



    1. ESL National Trails Day Hike

      June 3 @ 10:15 am - 11:45 am
    2. Bats Across Bucks County: Central Bucks

      June 15 @ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
    3. Bats Across Bucks County: Upper Bucks

      June 23 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
    4. Farm to Table

      July 22 @ 5:30 pm