Nature Notes

Trees for Bees

Pollinator meadows are great, but what other horticultural options are available for saving the bees? THE PROMPTING QUESTION Earlier this spring, the owner of some forestland with an emerald ash borer problem asked me, “I really care about saving the bees, so how can I manage my forest for bees and other pollinators?” That question […]

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Meet the Marbled Salamander: Autumn’s Best-Kept Secret

Marbled Salamanders (Ambystoma opacum) are enigmatic amphibians who belong to the Ambystomatidae family, more commonly known as the “mole salamander” family. INTRO It’s plausible to assume that when most people think of autumn, pumpkins, colorful leaves, and costumes come to mind. But for amphibian enthusiasts in the Mid-Atlantic, the fall season marks the peak activity […]

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5 Native Plants That Attract Ruby-throated Hummingbirds

The Ruby-throated Hummingbird (Archilochus colubris) has an affinity for a few different plant species. INTRO Pennsylvania is home to an abundance of incredible bird species. Yet many, if not most, go overlooked. One such species is the Ruby-throated Hummingbird (Archilochus colubris). Every spring/summer, they migrate north from Central America to participate in the breeding season. […]

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Wineberries: A Tasty Opportunity To Take Action

Wineberry (Rubus phoenicolasius) INTRO Have you ever been out on a midsummer night stroll and spotted a red fruit growing on a prickly bramble? With the fruit itself made up of a cluster of small red berries, your instinct might lead you to believe that it is raspberry. However, upon closer inspection, you notice that the […]

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How To Help Endangered Species

Shown: Little brown bat (endangered species). One helpful action that can be taken to support this species is adding a bat box to your property, which encourages them to return for years to come! INTRO Our region is home to many threatened and endangered species, which means that we all have a responsibility to help […]

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Know Thy Snake Neighbor: Eastern Milksnake – Lampropeltis triangulum

  INTRO Eastern Milksnakes (Lampropeltis triangulum) are among the most misunderstood snake species we have in Pennsylvania. Because they bear a slight resemblance to the venomous (but also misunderstood) Northern Copperhead, they’re often senselessly persecuted by people. The truth is, not only are Eastern Milksnakes completely harmless, they actually make pretty decent neighbors. Let’s take […]

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