Historic Aldie Mansion

Historic Aldie Mansion

At 85 Old Dublin Pike in Doylestown, PA, Aldie Mansion is a fitting home for Heritage Conservancy, a nonprofit membership organization whose mission is to preserve and protect our natural and historic heritage. Aldie’s story is rich with history, and its survival is the result of a cooperative effort at preservation.

Aldie Mansion began its history as a beloved private residence. Commissioned by William and Martha Mercer as an ode to the English Tudor manor, this stately 1927 mansion evokes a time in America when craftsmanship reached an art form. The Aldie gargoyles, intricate brickwork, antique tiles and charming garden ornaments have been faithfully preserved as part of Bucks County’s unique heritage.

In fact, William Mercer himself sculpted many of the mansion’s architectural details. William Mercer was the younger brother of Henry Mercer, Bucks County’s renowned tile maker and concrete sculptor, and artistic talent ran in the family.

William and Martha Mercer were renowned hosts during their years at Aldie, and they regularly welcomed international luminaries into their home. As you stroll about, it is easy to recall the spirited evenings when Groucho Marx joked at the dinner table and the Von Trapp family caroled in the Great Hall.

Today, Aldie’s rich history lives on as the adaptively reused headquarters of Heritage Conservancy and as a venue site for weddings, parties, conferences and more.

**Due to the nature of its use as a private event and office space, Aldie Mansion is not currently open for public tours. Keep an eye on our events page or sign up for our newsletter HERE for information about scheduled garden tours and open house dates.**

Aldie Mansion is a unique and historic property that serves as an excellent example of adaptive reuse of a historic structure. To protect the physical structure of the building and gardens, and to provide privacy for the events hosted here, we are unable to accommodate requests for photography sessions.