Halfway to Earth Day

Halfway to Earth Day


Earth Day 2024 is only 6 months away! It’s time to get busy.

On October 22, 2023, we are halfway to Earth Day 2024. What’s your plan?

Earth Day is one day a year, but Earth needs our involvement 365 days a year. It will take sustained effort from all of us to help reverse climate change.

We may know what to do to help, but Earth Day is a good reminder. Let’s rethink Earth Day. If we all pitch in, it could be a time to celebrate our progress — a deadline, not a starting point. What are you doing now to make a difference?


Look for opportunities with a nonprofit like Heritage Conservancy that is working to stem climate change. You can plant trees, help with the labor of forest stewardship, assist with community events and fundraisers, and join Community Science efforts that feed data to scientists working to protect our planet’s habitat for humans and other species. Sign up now.


Support nonprofits like Heritage Conservancy that are working to conserve land, protect open space, and steward forests. Look for advocacy groups and other organizations that are working to protect the planet and preserve wildlife habitat. Become a Heritage Conservancy Member now.


Consider the impact of your choices and actions — from commutes to appliance usage, consumption to recycling. Small adjustments in your habits and routines can make a difference over time. Turning down the heat down a degree, bringing cloth totes to the store, and observing Meatless Monday are small but effective ways to help. Scan your household and routines, and make positive adjustments.


Join local events that educate and engage your community with ecology. Connect with likeminded people in your community at a trail maintenance day or cleanup. Enjoy and celebrate nature with a hike in the woods and invite a friend. Here are some upcoming events and opportunities.


Share nature with the young people in your life. Learn about your local watershed and the issues affecting your community. Heritage Conservancy shares environmental education materials for teachers and kids, alongside classroom and afterschool programs that teach the next generation about conservation. Enjoy and share some of our Earth science resources and videos.

We are halfway to Earth Day

Set a plan now. Share it with your network. Pass it on and together we can rethink Earth Day. #halfwaytoearthday