b'Educating the Next Generation of Environmental StewardsSCOUT PROJECTSFOR THE BIRDS In July, members of our stewardship team were privileged to have the opportunity to visit the Perkasie, PA, property of Heritage Conservancy Chairman Emeritus, William Hart Rufe III. Hart and Devich Farbotnik, a local environmentalistand birder extraordinaire, have worked together on the property, demonstrating an impressive dedication to Thanks to the hard work of Eagle Scout Adithya Adi caring for various bird species, including Purple Martins.Badrinath, mother bats at our Russell-Mandel PreserveHistorically, Native Americans hung hollowed gourdswill have additional roosting options! For his Eagle Scout around their settlements for Purple Martins to nest in. Inproject for Troop 169, Adi constructed four bat boxes turn, the birds helped decrease flying insect populations.for the side of the barn on the Preserve. In July, Heritage Over time, Purple Martins in the Eastern U.S. have becomeConservancy staff completed a bat count at the barnso reliant on these artificial nesting structures that they and found that the colony consisted of approximatelyno longer nest in hollow trees. 51 bats who will now get to enjoy Adis incredible work!BRISTOL MARSH CLEAN UP Every piece of plastic thrown out counts, even the number The Wolf Den from Scout Pack 133 had a howling good of plastic trash bags used during a cleanup. Over the time during a hike at Heritage Conservancys Fuller/Pursellsummer, our 2021 Alliance for Watershed Education Nature Preserve to complete their Finding your Way Fellow hosted a trash cleanup at the Bristol Marsh Natureadventure. The second grade group practiced usingPreserve using reusable drawstring bags in place of a compass, looking at elevation, and reading maps;single-use plastic to reduce single-use plastic waste. if you have visited the Preserve, you know that it certainly Take a moment to brainstorm small changes you can has varying levels of elevation! make to help our beautiful Earth stay that way.10'