b'Connecting Community withOur Natural and Historic HeritageJERE-KNIGHT TRAIL Our Fuller/Pursell Nature Preserve in Upper Bucks Countynow has four informational signs along its Jere-Knight Trail.As the map on the sign shows, there are plenty of trails toexplore on this beautiful 100-acre preserve. We are excitedthat this installation will enable visitors to understand andconnect even deeper with the property!EARTH DAY Thank you to themany volunteers that made our independent Earth Day trash cleanups a success! Cleanups are extremely important; they help to protect water quality, wildlife habitat, and overall enjoyment of the great outdoors by the community. While Earth Daymay only be one day, we hope that you celebrate the mindset by being environmentally conscious in your daily life!JP de GuzmanFARM TO TAILGATE On a beautiful August evening, we were grateful to gather in person for our Farm to Tailgate event and experience the impact of a legacy gift at our Russell-Mandel Preserve in Buckingham Township. Guests spread out personal tailgate tables and enjoyed live music, tours of the property, deliciousPOLLINATOR PALOOZA food catered by Jamie Hollander Gourmet FoodsOur Jackson Pond Preserve was abuzz with visitors during our and Catering, and sharing stories and laughterPollinator Palooza event. Guests enjoyed spotting frogs, turtles, with each other. Witnessing the coming togethermonarch butterfly eggs, at least six different butterfly species, of a group of individuals with a shared passion forand a green heron! They also took part in fun activities including preserving and protecting our natural and historiccrafts, interactive informational tables about native plants and heritage is always inspiring! pollinators, and more!13'