b'THE LANDS OF STEPHANIE NOBERINI, BRENT MEYERS, AND SERENGETIACRES LLC 34.7 acresHaycock Township, Bucks CountyPROTECTED NATURAL RESOURCES Part of a greenway corridor linking three major areas of publicly owned land: Nockamixon State Park, Haycock Mountain, and Lake Towhee County Park Located within the Upper Tohickon Watershed; contains portions of the Tohickon Creek whose tributaries flow into Lake Nockamixon and eventually the Delaware River Contains forested riparian corridors that retainprecipitation and mitigate erosion and flooding Contains vital habitats for various animal and plant species, including pasture areas, a pond, and forested wetlandsFUNDERS Owners, Stephanie Noberini and Brent Meyer Haycock Township Heritage Conservancys Calvin Ruth Memorial FundBUEHNER FARM 39.3 acres MCCARTHY PROPERTY 14 acresBedminster Township, Bucks County Springfield Township, Bucks CountyPROTECTED NATURAL RESOURCES PROTECTED NATURAL RESOURCES Located on Route 313 and Schott Road; featuresAdded to an existing 66.5 acre preserve, now totaling over 3,000 feet of road frontage that contributes over 80 acresto scenic landscapesLocated on Slifer Valley Road; features over 2,000 feetA current crop farm that is almost entirely comprised ofof road frontage that contributes to scenic viewscapes Prime Farmland and Farmland of Statewide ImportanceContributes to a large contiguous area of permanentlyContributes to a larger area of protected agricultural protected land, including Heritage Conservancys lands, enabling farm support businesses to thrive, thusFuller Preservemaintaining local and regional agricultural activityContains an agricultural area consisting of Prime Located within the East Branch Perkiomen Creek Farmland and Farmland of Statewide ImportanceWatershed; contains a 950-foot tributary to the creek Contains a large forest and portions of a tributary of FUNDERS Cooks Creek, as well as a host of additional wildlife habitats Bucks County Agricultural Land Preservation Program such as fruiting trees and a variety of shrubs and vines Bedminster Township FUNDERS Heritage Conservancy Land Conservation FundsSpringfield Township PA Department of AgricultureThe County of Bucks8'