b'Securing Our Spot in HistoryHeritage Conservancy maintains and updates its Register of Historic Places,a database of over 650 structures that display historical significance within our region, to ensure that the most notable aspects of our heritage arerecognized for future generations to enjoy and learn from. If you are interested in learning more about having your home added to our register, visit ourwebsite for more information. +HERSH HOUSE ABRAHAM TAYLOR HOUSE East Greenville, Montgomery County Richland Township, Bucks CountyThe Dr. John G. Hersh Residence is located in EastThe Abraham Taylor House is currently the oldest Greenville, Montgomery County. The application house in Richland Township that has a date stone; was submitted by the current owners, Christinabetween two of the second story windows is aLandis and Ed Buchinski. stone that reads Abraham Taylor 1776. While itBuilt in 1885, the residence is quite stately for ahas undergone expansion and alterations over time, home of its day, coming in at over 5,500 squareit is still significant as a documented 18th century feet. It is a red brick Victorian home with ceilingsstructure, helping to tell the story of the historythat match the houses grandeur at 12 feet high.in Richland Township. Also featured is a grand wrap-around porch withAt the time that Abraham passed away and leftoriginal columns and a front door transom with his land to his son in 1824, there were 160 housesfrosted etched glass that reads Dr. John G. Hersh.in Richland that valued at over $100, with the vast majority at the lower end of the scale. The three Born in 1852, Dr. Hersh was a highly respected doctormost valuable houses were assessed at $750.and a representative from Montgomery County.The Abraham Taylor House was one of onlySticking to its roots, the home was used as a medicalseven valued at $500, putting it in the topand dental office until the late 1980s and is now21 most valuable houses in Richland, which home to the Upper Perkiomen Valley Chamber ofthen included Quakertown. Commerce with two apartments on the second floor. In Heritage Conservancys 2008 inventory ofRichland Township, 295 historic resources werenoted. Many date from the 19th century and donot represent the townships 18th century heritage. Furthermore, the survey is over a decade oldand unfortunately there is a likelihood that some structures have been altered or destroyed since. These two factors make it an extremely important house in the township.4'