b'Educating the Next Generation of Environmental StewardsVIRTUAL FIELD TRIPSSCHOOL ASSEMBLIES Please keep arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times,In November, Heritage Conservancy staff members and enjoy the ride! Through virtual field trips that flewpresented at school assemblies for approximately 1,500 students to different nature preserves owned by Heritage elementary students in the Palisades and Bristol Township Conservancy, over 200 students learned about variousSchool Districts. The assemblies focused on the detrimental ecosystems and wildlife habitats located in our area.impacts of plastic litter in the environment and steps to After discussing key characteristics of the ecosystems,reduce waste. After the presentation, students sharedstudents were able to put their knowledge to the testtheir own strategies, including using their new Heritage while exploring the sights and sounds of different plantConservancy reusable water bottles. When asked Whenand animal species. I use my reusable water bottle, I feel, responses included:happy, helpful, responsible, and part of a community. Through these programs, we aim to empower students to take ownership of caring for the environment around them.Research highlighting the healing properties of nature and the benefits of time outdoors is growing. For children, these include increased focus, reduced stress, and more engaged learning. In partnership with Fairmount Water Works, Heritage Conservancy developed a pilot program forelementary students using nature as a tool for social and emotionallearning through visuals, journal prompts, and outdoor activities. Earlyresults showcase positive trends, and we look forward to continued success!We are sincerely grateful to the following EITC Contributions:supporters who have helped to fund this Pennsylvanias EITC program is a way for eligible businessesto increase educational opportunities for students while years educational programs! earning tax credits by contributing to an EducationalImprovement Organization such as Heritage Conservancy. Julia & Mark Klossner Beth Snyder, DMD C&N Banking, Lending and Wealth ManagementFred Beans Family of DealershipsFulton BankMeridian BankMid Penn Bank11'