A Helping Hand to Steward Our Natural Resources

unnamed (1)When a property is preserved in perpetuity, the recording of its conservation easement or deed is just the first step. Properties require annual maintenance and monitoring by our staff to ensure their continued protection, and the Conservancy-owned Lindsay Farm Preserve recently highlighted the importance of this monitoring and defense of a property’s natural resources.

For months, someone had been illegally dumping construction materials such as metal, concrete, wood, and trash on the 200-acre property. If you’ve ever attended one of our Farm to Table dinners that we hold every July, our Lindsay Farm Preserve in Jamison, PA, is most likely the property you were on (for a change of scenery, we switched the location to our Jackson Pond Preserve for the first time this year). It provides a gorgeous landscape of lush, rolling hills bordered by fields of cornstalks, wooded areas, and historic treasures like the Kirby farmhouse and barn.

Thankfully, our community understands the need for collaborative environmental stewardship and the need to work together to protect our natural resources, and a volunteer team from JD Fedele Construction & Demolition and Wildlife Conservation & Game Management (WCGM), LLC rallied together to clean up the waste. The process of removal took about four hours to complete, and it required manual separation of the various materials.

“It was disappointing to see that someone would harm the environment like that. We volunteered to do this cleanup because it was the right thing to do,” said Pat Fedele of Wildlife Conservation & Game Management, LLC which is committed to land, habitat, and game conservation.

Littering and dumping of harmful materials are not just unsightly–they can disrupt the balance of an ecosystem and all the plants and animals that inhabit it. Thank you to JD Fedele Construction & Demolition of Horsham and WCGM, LLC of Warrington for providing the equipment and labor for this cleanup and ensuring that the ecosystem of our Lindsay Farm Preserve remains safe.