For Historic Building Repairs, Ask the Professionals

We’re making a list, and owners of historic structures will want to check it twice!

Many who read our President Jeff Marshall’s recent article on the demolition of three Bucks County barns were left wondering what could be done to prevent other surviving structures from facing the same fate. Proper care of old buildings is necessary for their continued existence–with regular maintenance, they won’t end up dilapidated beyond repair. Heritage Conservancy’s own Senior Preservation Specialist, Mary Lou McFarland, came up with a practical solution: she is working on creating a trade list that will include different specialists (in areas such as carpentry, masonry, plastering, roofing, chimney repair, etc.) who can be called upon to perform these necessary maintenance tasks.

“As part of our Historical Review Board Committee, we have been compiling information about trades professionals who specialize in historic properties,” says Mary Lou. “Owners of historic properties want to hire contractors who understand the special features and skills that are needed for proper renovation or restoration. They often contact us to ask for help in finding these professionals.”

Heritage Conservancy encourages people to be good stewards of their historic properties, and this list is a great resource for them. It also benefits the tradespeople–by being put on the list, they are able to highlight their skills and get more opportunities to work on historic preservation projects.

**Disclaimer: Heritage Conservancy does not recommend or endorse any business; this service is simply for the user’s convenience.

Are you the owner of an old barn or historic property that could use some TLC? Do you have a trades professional in mind who has done work for you before and would be a great addition to the list? Or maybe you’re a contractor yourself who would like to be added to the list for property owners to contact. Reach out to Mary Lou! She will be happy to take suggestions or provide you with more information regarding this new digital resource. Contact her by email at, or call 215-345-7020 ext. 109.