Heritage Conservancy Receives Donation From Sales Proceeds of Paintings by Local Artist Materese Roche

Heritage Conservancy recently had the privilege of receiving a gracious donation through an act of professional generosity. Materese Roche, a contemporary landscape painter whose work has been exhibited in such respected galleries as Phillips Mill and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, held an art exhibit at her studio in Buckingham, PA, and donated 15% of all proceeds to our organization. “An Artist’s World: New Paintings by Materese Roche” was open from May 18th through June 9th.

With close to 100 guests in attendance on opening night, including our president, Jeff Marshall, Ms. Roche’s exhibition drew the recognition it deserved. The exhibit featured paintings inspired by nature and her everyday life in Buckingham, along with pieces inspired by her travels to Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod and Maine. With the beauty she sees in nature providing such inspiration in her work, it is fitting that Ms. Roche would give back to an organization that works to protect it.

About her work, she says: “My intent is simply to convey, as honestly as possible, my experience of nature; the physical, visual and emotional impact it has on me. I hope that in my work, I am able to relay the vital importance of nature in our lives, and how it brings us closer to our humanity.”

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