Nature’s Benefits On Children

In February, Heritage Conservancy staff guided groups of second, fourth, and fifth grade students from Keystone Elementary School into our Croydon Woods Nature Preserve for a mindfulness walk as a part of our Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Program. Students learned that mindfulness can help one be present in the moment and calm our busy minds.

As students were led through the woods, they focused on their breathing and being present by listening to nature sounds and observing various shapes and colors in the woods. Afterwards, the group shared their interesting observations with each other.

SEL skills are essential for children and adults alike, and the added benefit of connecting with nature can help children foster these skills further into adulthood. Research shows that these early connections and positive associations with nature have some of the strongest impacts on future environmentally conscious behaviors as adults.

Grant funding for this pilot project was provided by the Alliance for Watershed Education and Foundations Community Partnership.