Register of Historic Places Scanning Project

Heritage Conservancy is excited to announce findings from a project conducted by a Bucks County Community College intern over the summer. Julie Leberman turned hard copies of listings from our Register of Historic Places into digital files, which will allow us to share these stories with the public, municipal officials, and historical societies more easily than before.

The data generated from the Doylestown digital archive spreadsheet revealed several findings worth noting. In total, 311 separate records were generated from the 1980 and 1981 Doylestown surveys. The buildings represent over 270 years of Doylestown history; over half the structures originated in 1850-1899, with nearly an additional quarter dating back further.

One of the most exciting results uncovered from analysis of this dataset is the fact that the majority of the listed buildings are still standing today! This emphasizes the importance of this recognition in helping people to understand the value of historic architecture and Doylestown’s commitment to preserving its historic built environment. By bringing awareness to these significant buildings and structures, Doylestown will be able to maintain its level of architectural diversity for future generations to enjoy and learn from.

While Julie’s work primarily focused on Doylestown and New Britain Boroughs, there are many more to be completed from surrounding regions. We are thankful for her help in kick-starting this project and look forward to continued progress!