A New Register of Historic Places Listing: Dr. John G. Hersh Residence

Heritage Conservancy is excited to share the newest listing to our organization’s Register of Historic Places, and this one hails from East Greenville, Montgomery County! The property is known as the Dr. John G. Hersh Residence, and the application for its listing on our register was submitted by its current owners, Christina Landis and Ed Buchinski.

Built in 1885, the residence is quite stately for a home of its day, coming in at over 5,500 square feet. It is a red brick Victorian home with ceilings that match the house’s grandeur at 12 feet high. Also featured is a grand, wrap-around porch with original columns and a front door transom with frosted etched glass that reads “Dr. John G. Hersh”.

Born in 1852, Dr. Hersh was a highly respected doctor and a Representative from Montgomery County. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a specialization in Ear, Nose and Throat and Internal Medicine. In 1898, he was elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives as a Democrat.

Sticking to its roots, the home was used as a medical and dental office until the late 1980s and is now home to the Upper Perkiomen Valley Chamber of Commerce with two apartments on the second floor.

Behind the house resides the original smokehouse, which is now used as a shed. On 3rd Street, a carriage house can be found that resembles the main residence with its red brick structure. This 2,400 square foot home was used as an apartment building in the 1990s before being converted back to a single-family residence in 2012.

Heritage Conservancy’s Register of Historic Places helps to recognize important structures within our communities and to share their stories. The Dr. John G. Hersh Residence is a beautiful addition to this database of over 650 structures!