Heritage Conservancy Receives a TreeVitalize Grant

Our stewardship team is gearing up to plant 300 trees and shrubs, thanks to the 2022 Southeast PA TreeVitalize Watersheds grant. Starting this spring and continuing into fall, the plantings will occur along tributaries of the Pidcock and Neshaminy Creeks at two of our preserves.

All trees will be tolerant of moist soils and flooding, which is the nature of living in a riparian area. Species will include sycamore, eastern cottonwood, ironwood, and swamp white oak trees.

Forested riparian areas are extremely beneficial; among other reasons, they help control erosion of stream banks, provide habitat for wildlife, absorb excess water and nutrients, and sequester carbon. Many of the tree species to be planted offer additional benefits as well. For example, mature sycamores are hollow and become important nesting/denning sites for birds and mammals, while ironwood is the host plant to the familiar eastern tiger swallowtail and the less known striped hairstreak.

Receiving this grant helps our staff to restore important landscapes, protect beloved animal and plant species, and provide future generations with open space to connect with nature!