Habitat Exploration at Quakertown Swamp Preserve

Monday, April 11th, was an exciting day at our Quakertown Swamp Preserve! 25 second and third grade students from Quakertown United Friends School, along with 10 parents and 2 teachers, joined staff and volunteers on a habitat exploration. Laughter and smiles were abundant as students and parents trekked through the mud and splashed through the water to search for evidence of species beginning to emerge for the spring.

Quakertown Swamp is home to many plants and animals living in diverse habitats. Students explored life under logs in the forest, observed macroinvertebrates in Bog Run, and searched for amphibians in vernal pools.

It’s always a pleasure to see the next generation’s enthusiasm for nature and the world around us!

*Quakertown Swamp is only open to the public during select school trips and programs.