A Lunch and Learn For Land Preservation

This month, Heritage Conservancy co-hosted the first educational luncheon of a three-part series alongside Glenmede, an investment and private wealth management firm. More than 35 people attended this luncheon that focused around a panel discussion about the tax benefits of land preservation.

Lisa Whitcomb, Director of Wealth Strategy at Glenmede, provided valuable insight into the many ways donors could make an impactful gift to a land trust, how to make it work for many different financial structures, and how the donor could reap financial benefits now even if the gift is a planned estate gift.

Jeff Marshall, President of Heritage Conservancy, provided insight into what these contributions enable a land trust to do – and in turn – how it impacts the community’s quality of life both now and for future generations.

Lisa and Jeff shared stories from their experience ranging from donors that donated land to Heritage Conservancy while reserving life rights, charitable remainder trusts, bargain sales, and opportunities for landowners to place an easement on their property so that it could become an affordable property for a new buyer. The conversation revolved around hearing and understanding landowners’ goals for their property, their vision for the property for generations to come, and finding a way to ensure that that vision is protected far into the future.

Both Glenmede and Heritage Conservancy play different roles in the process in an effort to reach the same result. It was enlightening to hear from both sides on how they make it all come together to protect the character of our community.

“I think both organizations’ common goal of making people’s philanthropy as economically viable as possible can work together to maximize land conservation and historic preservation,” said Jeff Marshall of Heritage Conservancy.

“It’s such an honor to be able to partner with an organization like Heritage Conservancy in helping people make informed, intelligent, philanthropic decisions that can make a lasting impact both now and for generations to come,” said Neil Christian of Glenmede.

The next luncheon will be held on Tuesday, November 19th, beginning at 11:30 AM. We hope that you can join us! Space is limited and registration is already filling up. To reserve your spot, please contact Kate Monahan at 973-451-3810 or, or contact Katie at 215-345-7020 ext. 108 or with any questions.