A Q&A with Nick DeRose, Heritage Conservancy’s New Vice Chairman of the Board

Anyone who gets involved with the work of a nonprofit–whether it’s in a staff or volunteer position–has a unique story for why they do what they do. This month, we chatted with Nick DeRose, Vice Chairperson of Heritage Conservancy’s Board of Directors. Equipped with a master’s degree in Geology, Nick is a professional geologist specializing in understanding hydrogeology as it relates to contamination; he has been an environmental consultant for his entire career. Read the interview below to learn more about Nick and why he’s so committed to preserving the natural beauty and history of Bucks and Montgomery counties!

How long have you been living in Bucks County, and what drew you here?

I moved to Bucks County in 1990 so that I could open a branch office for Langan Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc. I learned about Bucks County from my manager at Langan and decided to check it out. In fact, we looked at the offices at Aldie Mansion for Langan at that time! That is how I first heard about Heritage Conservancy.

How has your appreciation of our area’s natural and historic treasures grown over the years?

I feel incredibly fortunate to live in Bucks County!  The more time that I spend exploring this area, the more places I find to enjoy. 

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I have been traveling quite a bit this last year, culminating with a trip to the Galapagos. I like to enjoy nature and look for opportunities to hike, bike, swim, kayak and paddle board. I hope to learn to play the electric piano and look forward to having more time off next year to do more of these activities.

We know you value both, but do your interests veer more toward historic preservation or open space conservation?

I would have to say open space conservation–probably because I can relate to the land given my professional background.

What made you want to join the Board of Directors for Heritage Conservancy?

I respect the work of the staff at Heritage Conservancy and felt this is such a productive organization, perhaps I could provide some useful input to contribute. This is my first year as vice chair so I am proud to be in this position and to be assisting Stephen Phillips in my new role. I am pleased to report that we appear to be doing our jobs! 

What are your goals moving forward?

We have discussed looking ahead to identify anticipated future transitions in key personnel in order to ensure these occur with forethought and reasonable planning. There is so much that has been accomplished in recent years, I feel my number one priority is to maintain the momentum that is in place.

We here at Heritage Conservancy appreciate Nick’s continued dedication to our organization! It is through professional expertise like Nick’s paired with a can-do demeanor that our mission is strengthened far into the future.