Aldie Mansion Green Thumb Garden Group

Looking forward to spring? So are we! The Green Thumb Garden Group is gearing up to resume their regular maintenance and beautification activities at Aldie Mansion—and they’re looking for more gardeners.

This group is continuing the legacy of gardening at Aldie, following in the footsteps of what was once a small, but dedicated, group called “The Weeders,” composed of Helen Gemmill, Margaret Perry, Marjorie Plummer, Nancy Diemand, George Bishop, Margaret Hull, and Donna Hartzel. Today, volunteers like Barb Metwally, Rhonda Petit, Pamela Fleming, and Irina Belim continue the tradition of keeping Aldie’s grounds beautiful. These women all share a love for the outdoors and enjoy the tranquility and companionship they find when working in the gardens. They’re excited to welcome more gardeners who are, as Rhonda simply puts it, interested in “being able to nurture and provide stewardship by leaving a place in a better place than the way you found it.”

Currently, the Green Thumb Garden Group cares for the beds around the mansion from spring to fall, helping to keep the property in top shape for visitors and events. This year, however, the gardeners are ready to take on a second location and will also be helping to maintain Heritage Conservancy’s Russell-Mandel Preserve in Buckingham Township. The 55-acre property with agricultural fields, woodlands, and historic buildings will need the attention of the Green Thumb Garden Group to help prepare for Heritage Conservancy’s annual Farm to Table dinner. This is an exciting opportunity for our gardeners as this event is a crucial part of continuing the Conservancy’s mission to preserve and protect our area’s natural and historic landscape.

If you like getting your hands dirty, and you’d like to contribute your gardening skills, this might be the group for you! All gardeners are welcome—knowledge about weeding and gardening is certainly a plus, but not required. Come grow with us!

Click HERE to learn more about the Green Thumb information session on Wednesday, April 1st.