BioBlitz Results Released in New Documentary

Photo by Kara Foran.

This past spring, Heritage Conservancy hosted a BioBlitz event at our Croydon Woods Nature Preserve. This 24-hour biological survey was a huge success as staff, biologists, and community scientists identified hundreds of species that utilize the preserve. To conduct the surveys, professionals and community scientists used multiple traps and visual encounter observations to identify each species.

Together with Kara Foran and our Conservation Steward Tyler Kovacs, we’re thrilled to release our newest educational documentary about our BioBlitz survey, which can be found below and through our YouTube channel.

The goal of the BioBlitz was to document as many species as possible, while determining if there were any sensitive species and habitats present on the property. Croydon Woods Preserve is a coastal plain forest, which is rare in Pennsylvania. This increases the probability of having rare species that inhabit it, further enhancing the preserve’s conservation value.

Photos by Kara Foran.

With the data gathered during the event, Heritage Conservancy staff will be able to make better management decisions in the future to benefit both the wildlife and the community. We want to thank all our supporters and volunteers for making this event possible!

Photos by Kara Foran.

Written by Tyler Kovacs, Heritage Conservancy’s Conservation Steward.

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