From Superfund Site to Community Treasure: The Video Narrative of Croydon Woods

Heritage Conservancy is pleased to premiere a video about the success story of Croydon Woods!

Spanning over 80 acres, Heritage Conservancy’s Croydon Woods Nature Preserve provides publicly accessible green space to the surrounding community. Less than half of a mile from the Delaware River, it is one of the last remaining coastal plain forests in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Because of its close proximity to the Delaware River, the protection of Croydon Woods helps to protect the River’s water quality, which 15 million people depend on for their drinking water.

In the 1980s, Croydon Woods was designated as a Superfund site by the Environmental Protection Agency; it was remediated in the 1990s.

When Heritage Conservancy acquired Croydon Woods in 2015, it was clear that the organization still had its work cut out due to decades of illegal littering and dumping.

Thanks to compassionate volunteers and supporters, Croydon Woods has come a long way and is now a place where community members and students from the nearby elementary school can explore the great outdoors and enjoy solace in nature.

The conservation of this environmental asset supports over 300 species of plant life and wildlife, and it also celebrates the community activism that has made this ecosystem healthier.

Watch the video at the top of this page to see all that Croydon Woods has to offer and to learn how you can be a part of its ongoing success story! 

Croydon Woods has come a long way, but it is not completely out of the woods yet…it still needs your support! Join us in honor of Earth Day on Saturday, April 24, 2021 for a cleanup at Croydon Woods. Click HERE to learn more.