New Listing Added to Heritage Conservancy’s Register of Historic Places

Heritage Conservancy is proud to share that it recently added a listing to its Register of Historic Places—the James B. Fell House in Buckingham Township. With roots in the mid-1700s, the home was constructed using a combination of Greek Revival and Italianate features.

The James B. Fell House consists of a stone house, stone and frame wagon house, stone smoke house, a stone structure that was rebuilt from barn stone that was removed from the property, and a stone wall. The house is a stone structure in the shape of a “T.” It consists of a tall, 2.5-story, three bay main house with a 2.5-story rear kitchen wing.

Located on Windridge Drive (formerly Church School Road), this property once belonged to a 500-acre parcel of farmland owned by various members of the Fell family; this particular parcel contained 72 acres and remained in the family until it was sold in 1881 to Samuel Histand. The James B. Fell House now resides on about half of an acre of land.

The Fell family was a prominent, landowning family in Buckingham Township. There are deed references to the Fells living here as early as 1751 when Thomas and Jane Fell purchased the original property. Over the next century, numerous family members bought parcels in the surrounding area. This property remained in the family for seven generations; the tradition of families living on the same property for so long is a rarity these days! Fell Road in Buckingham Township is a tribute to their family.

(The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has a Century and Bicentennial Farm program for families that have owned and lived on their properties for 100 or 200 years. Does your family’s legacy qualify? To find out, click HERE.)

The stately James B. Fell property still stands today as a result of caring stewardship and pride of ownership that took place throughout the centuries. Its current owners, Damien and Alexis Park submitted the application to have their home listed. Heritage Conservancy is pleased to honor historic structures in this area by recognizing them on our Register of Historic Places.

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