Over 14 Acres Near the Kittatinny Ridge Now Preserved

Heritage Conservancy is excited to announce its newest preservation success! Along with Moore Township, the Conservancy placed a conservation easement on the 14+ acre Nierer Farm in Northampton County. Preserving this property will ensure permanent protection of prime agricultural soils, wildlife habitat, and unobstructed scenic views of the Kittatinny Ridge.

The entire farm is located within the Kittatinny Ridge Important Bird Area, which serves as a vital habitat for fall migrants. Each year, tens of thousands of raptors and vultures and millions of songbirds utilize this area during their migratory journey!

The owner, John Nierer, sought to preserve his land to eliminate the possibility of future development. Several generations ago, John’s family owned over 450 acres of farmland in the Danielsville area. Unfortunately, much of the land had been subdivided and sold off over the following years. In 1992, with a deep-rooted love and appreciation for farming, John jumped on the opportunity to buy back 14.7 acres of his original family farm. Now, it will be protected forever.

This story fits perfectly with Heritage Conservancy’s mission, and we are pleased to have helped John in not only preserving his land but preserving his family’s history!

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