Students Learn to Reduce, Reuse, and Reuse Again

Over the course of several days in November, Heritage Conservancy staff members presented at school assemblies for over 600 elementary students in the Palisades School District and nearly 1,000 elementary students in the Bristol Township School District.

The assemblies revolved around the impacts of plastic litter in the environment and the things that everyone can do to reduce waste. To help get them started with this honorable endeavor, each student received a Heritage Conservancy reusable water bottle.

During the assemblies, students participated in a “Choose Your Own Adventure” story that explored where a discarded plastic bottle might end up in the environment and the negative impact it might have on water quality, wildlife habitats, and the like. Afterward, the groups shared ideas about ways that they can reduce plastic waste, which included using reusable bags, utensils, participating in a trash cleanup, and of course, using their Heritage Conservancy reusable water bottles.

Students learned how to take care of their water bottles and then shared their thoughts on how it makes them feel to help the earth. When asked to respond to the prompt, “When I use my reusable water bottle, I feel…”, responses included: happy, helpful, responsible, refreshed, and part of a community.

We have high hopes for the next generation! Through these programs, Heritage Conservancy aims to empower students to take ownership of caring for the environment around them.

(Top photo courtesy of Bristol Township School District)