Why Heritage Conservancy?: An Interview with Sebastian Harris

Today is the launch of our new series, “Why Heritage Conservancy?”, where we will interview a variety of people involved with our organization in different ways. We value each and every individual who is a part of the Heritage Conservancy community, and we are excited for the opportunity to share some of their thoughts.

Meet the newest addition to our team: Sebastian! It has been a goal of his to join an organization that is actively and directly contributing to conservation. In his opinion, habitat destruction is regarded as the greatest threat to biodiversity, and one of the most impactful ways to combat it is through the protection of land.

“Heritage Conservancy is engaged in exactly that, so I was interested in applying on a very fundamental level,” he explained.

Another draw to the organization was an observation Sebastian made during his interview process. He could tell how friendly the other staff members were, and he is happy to state that it has held true!

“I’ve had the privilege of working for a number of organizations, on a number of different career paths, but I feel as though I found a community of like-minded individuals here. Serving a great cause with great people is extremely worthwhile,” he shared.

We are grateful for everything that Sebastian brings to the table and look forward to his future accomplishments.

As a Conservation Easement Steward for Heritage Conservancy, Sebastian is responsible for completing baseline documentation studies for new property acquisitions and monitoring existing conservation easements. With a background in ecological research, he has worked with a number of threatened and endangered reptiles and amphibians, as well as native and invasive insects, and he enjoys applying his expertise to his position.

To date, Sebastian’s favorite aspect of his role is communicating with landowners about how they might use their land to benefit wildlife. He feels grateful that there are people who share his passion on this and that he has the ability to communicate the information on a professional level. His role involves visiting many of our eased properties in person, which allows him the opportunity to photograph interesting species that he encounters, which can then be used as educational tools.

“I think there’s a lot of power in simply sharing what’s out there that’s worth protecting,” he stated.

When asked why he believes people should get involved with our organization, he said, “We have the ability to leave a lasting effect on the environment, and working alongside Heritage Conservancy is a great way to do so. Conservation efforts will become increasingly important as the years pass. Whether it be volunteering to help plant trees, or simply becoming a member, it all serves to protect the places and things that we value as a community.”

We are extremely fortunate to have such passionate individuals involved with our organization. These contributions strengthen our mission to preserve and protect our natural and historic heritage. To stay up to date about upcoming opportunities to get involved, visit: