Scout Troop 71 Returns to Jackson Pond Preserve

At the end of September, Troop 71 was at it again! Following on the heels of a successful day of service in August, twenty-two Scouts and eleven adults were back for another service day at Jackson Pond Preserve, a Heritage Conservancy property in Buckingham Township.

The Scouts camped overnight at Forest Grove Presbyterian Church and spent half of the next day focusing on the continued removal of invasive plant species. They targeted Chinese privet and multiflora rose found throughout the 10-acre property. In total, the Troop worked 138 hours.

One of the key lessons the Scouts are learning is that invasive plants require consistent and sustained effort for removal and control.

“I can see the difference we made already!” said one smiling Scout who was also at the Troop’s service day in August.

When invasives are cut back, removed, and held at bay, the native plants have better conditions to grow, thrive, and take back their territory. The native animal species, which rely on those plants for food, shelter, and nesting, will benefit from the improved habitat as they live and raise their young.

Heritage Conservancy is thankful to the Scouts of Troop 71 as they continue their partnership with us for ongoing maintenance and stewardship of the property. We rely on the dedicated efforts of volunteers like these to maintain and protect the health of ecosystems like Jackson Pond Preserve. We look forward to working more with Troop 71!

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