Trumbauersville Borough Acquires 8.5-acre Property to Add to Community Park With Support from Heritage Conservancy

Trumbauersville Borough recently added a neighboring 8.5-acre piece of land to its 12-acre Veterans Park, which currently provides public active recreation opportunities such as a playground, basketball court, and a ball field. Heritage Conservancy supported the Borough in this property acquisition by completing the grant applications to seek funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the Bucks County Municipal Open Space Program, both of which provided the funds alongside Trumbauersville Borough to see the acquisition through to fruition.

The Boyle family previously owned this special piece of land, and they sold their property at a bargain sale price to the Borough because its acquisition for use as open space was important to the family.

The expansion of Veterans Park will create more diversified recreation opportunities that will be easily accessed by all residents. The new property will be utilized for passive reaction opportunities such as nature trails, bird watching, and bike riding with a direct link to a portion of the PA Highlands Trail. The preservation of this property is a critical component of maintaining the historic integrity of the Borough, expanding the existing park and protecting groundwater recharge areas within the center of the Borough.

“Being able to permanently preserve over 8 acres in a community as small as Trumbauersville (0.4 sq. miles) is a phenomenal accomplishment. This is our first-ever DCNR grant, and it will keep a significant amount of land right in the middle of our Borough and out of the hands of developers,” said Edward Child, Trumbauersville Borough Chairman. “An added bonus is that the property is adjacent to our existing Veterans Park, which not only extends the park but will lead to other opportunities such as adding a nature trail and connecting it to the Milford Township trail system. This is a big win for the residents of our quiet little community and was well worth the effort.”

“A green space doesn’t have to be 100 acres to make a difference in a community,” said Jeff Marshall, President of Heritage Conservancy. “Ensuring that there is open space in and around our villages and boroughs helps make our towns more livable, which in turn, helps preserve our farms and forests.

Heritage Conservancy was proud to work with Trumbauersville Borough on making this acquisition possible and providing more protected green space for local residents.

(Photo from Trumbauersville Borough website)