Two Properties in Solebury Township Now Under Conservancy Easement

Our team at Heritage Conservancy achieved two land preservation successes in the 11th hour of 2019. Working in partnership with Solebury Township, on December 31st, Heritage Conservancy closed on two properties to secure approximately 60 acres of protected land about two miles north of New Hope, PA, along River Road.

Acting under a 2005 referendum that was approved to acquire and protect open space, Solebury Township considered these two properties as high priority for preservation because of their strong conservation values:

  • With over 400 feet of road frontage along River Road and visibility from the Delaware Canal State Park towpath, the scenic resource value of these properties is high.
  • Their protection status helps to safeguard our water quality because the properties are located in such close proximity to the Delaware River, and water from the properties discharges directly into the Delaware Canal and the Delaware River. It also helps to prevent soil erosion and flooding downstream that could have occurred had the property been developed.
  • The soils on the properties were classified as prime farmland and farmland of statewide importance by the USDA.
  • The properties include different habitat areas that support native flora and fauna, including open meadows, forested wetlands, and upland forests, and they support natural habitat for animals, plants, fungi, and other organisms, particularly native species.

The northern property shares its northern boundary with land owned by Heritage Conservancy, so this contiguous landscape made it even more of a priority to preserve. The southern property has a beautiful, 1800s stone house and barn on the property.

Funding for these conservation easements was made possible by the Solebury Township Open Space Referendum. Each property is preserved under a conservation easement held by Heritage Conservancy and Solebury Township as co-holders.