Fred Beans Family Donates $10,000 to Heritage Conservancy’s Educational Programs

Our Community Engagement Programs Manager Shannon Fredebaugh-Siller (left), Vice President of Fred Beans Automotive Group Beth Beans Gilbert (center), and our Senior Development Associate Emily Bonavitacola (right).

Heritage Conservancy is grateful for Fred Beans family’s contribution toward our educational initiatives, which engage over 2,000 students annually across various schools throughout Bucks County.

Over the course of the year, Heritage Conservancy will work with local school districts to provide innovative educational programs and outdoor field trips that connect students with local natural areas and historic heritage. Heritage Conservancy programming will support students’ social and emotional learning, provide resources for watershed education, and assist with the creation of native plant gardens on school grounds.

Pennsylvania’s EITC program is a way for eligible businesses to increase educational opportunities for students while earning tax credits by contributing to an Educational Improvement Organization such as Heritage Conservancy.

To learn more about Educational Improvement Tax Credit for Businesses, click here.

Kate Klaver, Digital Communications Associate.