The Year Ahead

Happy New Year! Heritage Conservancy is grateful to everyone who helped with the successes of the past year.

We had many notable achievements in 2022: our Christmas at Aldie event was the most successful one to date, we launched our Guide for Social-Emotional Learning, worked to accept The Grand Theater into our Register of Historic Places, received numerous grants, hosted our popular Farm to Table and Garden Party events, and so much more.

We are looking forward to more exciting developments with our upcoming efforts. In 2023, we plan to continue fundraising and outreach to work towards our vital goal of preserving and protecting our natural and historic heritage; stay tuned for our progress.

We are looking forward to hosting our annual appreciation events and fundraisers:
Business Partners Reception (yes, it’s back!): April 19th
Garden Party: June 8th
Farm to Table: July 22nd
Christmas at Aldie: December 3rd

Keep an eye on our events calendar for exclusive events and activities for our supporters.

Kate Klaver, Digital Communications Associate.