b'EDUCATING YOUNG MINDSNEW WELCOME SIGN GUIDE FOR SOCIAL- AT CROYDON WOODS EMOTIONAL LEARNING NATURE PRESERVEThis year, Heritage Conservancy andIn 2022 we began the process of creating Fairmount WaterWorks launched theand installing a new welcome sign atSocial-Emotional Learning (SEL) and Croydon Woods Nature Preserve. The signNature Guide for teachers, administrators, is positioned at the front of the entrancecounselors, parents, and peers interestedto the woods, right next to Keystonein providing nature-related activities. Elementary School. As a nod to the localThe guide consists of thirteen activities, elementary school and the educationalhandouts, tools, and resources designed programs we host with them at Croydon,to use childrens experiences in naturethe artwork was the finalist in a series as a doorway to encourage and support of submissions and was created by SEL in and out of the classroom. 6th grader Madison Vengoechea. Nature is a connector. We are all linked This project was funded by The GIANTthrough the land we live on, the water we Company and Keep Pennsylvania ENVIRONMENTAL drink, the air we breathe, memories from Beautifuls Healing the Planet grant CAREERS RESOURCE GUIDEtrips, and things we like or dont like about program, DowGives, and The Williamthe outdoors, said Heritage Conservancy Penn Foundation. The Environmental Careers ResourceCommunity Engagement ProgramsGuide is brought to you by HeritageManager Shannon Fredebaugh-Siller.Were excited to see this new lively Conservancy and Schuylkill Riveraddition to the preserve in 2023! Greenways. If you are interested inan environmental career, this guideis for you! In this resource packet,you will find information aboutcollege majors, where to apply for jobs and internships, volunteer opportunities, and more. Topics in this packet include education,organizations, specific programs, job boards and networking, interview tips, and inspirational environmental heroes. To read more, visithttps://heritageconservancy.org/ resources/publications/. +We are sincerely grateful to the following EITC Contributions:supporters who have helped to fund this Pennsylvanias EITC program is a way for eligible businesses10 YEARS OF AMPHIBIAN CONSERVATION to increase educational opportunities for students while years educational programs! earning tax credits by contributing to an Educational With the help of Heritage Conservancy volunteers, 734Improvement Organization such as Heritage Conservancy.amphibians of 12 different species successfully crossed during the National Wildlife Federation tenth year of the Amphibian Crossing Program. We want to send a special National Audubon Society C&N Banking, Lending and Wealth Management thank you to the 20 individuals who donated their time to help save theseNancy Bremble Fred Beans Family of Dealerships vulnerable critters; this conservation effort would not be possible without you!Georgiana Coles Fulton BankMeridian Bank Volunteers also joined a vernal pool tour to learn more about these vulnerableMid Penn Bank critters and what they can do to help them.10'