b'All Things AldieAldie Mansion began its history as the beloved private residence of William and Martha Mercer as an ode to the English Tudor manor. This stately 1927 mansion and its extensive history live on as the headquarters of Heritage Conservancy and as a venue site for weddings, parties, conferences and more.Our mansion is a site for tours and opportunities to learn more about the history of this beautiful building. Keep an eye on our events page or sign up for our newsletter for information about scheduled garden tours and open house dates.The preservation of our historic mansions surroundings is vital to us; we consistentlymaintain and care for our gardens, shrubbery, plants, and our stunning wildflower garden. Our improvements extend to the interior of the building as well. We began accessibility renovations in the mansion in 2022, thanks to generous donations from our supporters.This years 34th annual Christmas at Aldie event, we received an enthusiasticresponse to Heritage Conservancys request to support repairs and renovationsat Aldie Mansion. This is by far Heritage Conservancys most successful Christmasat Aldie mission appeal to date. These efforts will help to kick off a greater and wider-spread campaign in the year ahead, and will help with our accessibility renovations. We strive to uphold ourvalues of not only environmental and historic preservation, but inclusivity andaccessibility within our community. Aldie Mansions story is rich with history, andits survival is the result of a cooperative effort at preservation. 7'