b'2022 By the NumbersCOMMUNITY VOLUNTEERING PRESERVATIONENGAGEMENT23 educational47Fridays in thePreserved Forest Workdays Propertiesprogramsprovided for over1,700 students InvasiveACTIVITES 137.82and teachers from7partner organizationsRemoval(other nonprofits or total acresschool districts) Implemented Mindfulness Woodcock walks with students WalkGarlic Native Seedat Keystone ElementaryMustard SowingSchool and Tinicum FarmLive In the WorksStakingElementary School toPraying Pruning Piloted a brand newTable Mantis Tree Seed Collection 2,482Prep Management PlantingCross-watershedcollaboration betweena fourth grade class991 Trees/Shrubs Planted acresat Keystone ES and243 Cleanup HoursTinicum ES Hosted a Croydon Woods 150 Educator HoursHike for a Teacher Total Volunteer In-Service Day for allthe teachers at KeystoneHours: 3,209Elementary School Total Volunteers:around 458 130 Corporate VolunteersAbout30 events14 Corporateconnecting with overGroups Engaged2,500Total CommitteeHours: 720community members via presentations, public programs, and tabling with partner organizations.19'