b'TESTIMONIALSDorothy Wax and Meryl Towarnicki When we decided to get married in 2018 after 20 years together, we needednothing in the way of wedding gifts, so we asked guests to make gifts to their choice of three charities in Bucks County that are doing work that is important to us. Heritage Conservancy was one of those options. As two people who grew up in urban environments, we have reveled in the beauty of Bucks County for the past 25 years. Too often, we find ourselves driving through the countryside, seeing new developments, and lamenting about the farmland that used to be there or the beautiful barn that is no longer standing. Heritage Conservancy is doing important work preserving open space and historic structures, and we are honored to be part of their efforts. We look forward to becoming more involved with the Conservancy in the coming years and supporting the preservation of our beautiful Bucks County.Sarah Peters, Keller Williams Real EstateMy family supports Heritage Conservancy because they work hard to champion landconservation and historic preservation; they have facilitated the preservation of over16,000 acres of open space, farmland,wildlife habitats, and crucial watershed areas. Our family regularly takes part in theirprograms for adults and children alike.Our children have learned about honeybees and meadow habitats from their Pollinator Scott and Tricia Reines Palooza. Passing along these environmental Tricia and I moved to Bucks County over 30 years ago, and we were struckvalues is a priority in our family, andby its natural beauty. In 1999 we joined Heritage Conservancy as donorHeritage Conservancy is exceptionalmembers. Over the years, weve been able to increase our donations andat making learning fun.decided to include Heritage Conservancy in our estate plans. If Heritage Conservancy succeeds in its mission, in part through our help, our children, grandchildren, and many others will always be able to appreciate thisbeautiful area.14'