b'MADERSON PROPERTY 22.30 acresConservation EasementRichland Township, Bucks CountyHeritage Conservancy serves as Richland Townships open spaceconsultant to facilitate conservation projects. Heritage Conservancy and the municipality worked to preserve the 23.75-acre Maderson property located adjacent to Heritage Conservancys Quakertown Swamp Nature Preserve on the east side of Route 313.The Maderson property is located within the Quakertown Swamp LastingLandscape and is mostly forested with several seeps and springs, as well as a portion of Bog Run. The property also contains critical habitat for several wetland-dependent species of reptiles and amphibians.The entire property will be subject to a conservation easement heldby Heritage Conservancy and co-held by Richland Township. Funding for the project was secured from Richland Township and PA Departmentof Conservation and Natural Resources.PLUMSTEAD ACQUISITIONS LLC 68.24 acresAgricultural Preservation EasementPlumstead Township, Bucks CountyHeritage Conservancy partnered with Bucks County Agricultural LandPreservation Program and Plumstead Township to preserve a 68-acre farm located along Durham Road/Route 413.The farm ranked second among Bucks County Agricultural LandPreservation Programs 2021 list of applications. It features prime and statewide significant agricultural soils and approximately 1,000 feetof road frontage along Route 413.RAPKIN PROPERTY 22.30 acresConservation EasementEast Rockhill Township, Bucks CountyHeritage Conservancy assisted East Rockhill Township in the preservationof a 24.8-acre property located along Three Mile Run Road. A forest covers the majority of the property, which also features a1,500-foot stretch of Three Mile Run and many smaller tributary streams and a small pond. Three Mile Run is classified as a Chapter 93 Trout Stocking waterway. This protective classification is designated by the PA Department of Environmental Protection. The Rapkin Property is locatedwithin the NockamixonHaycock Conservation Landscape identified by the Bucks County Natural Areas Inventory as a priority for protection. The recorded Conservation Easement covers the entire parcel. East Rockhill Township is the holder of the Conservation Easement.9'