b'NEW IN 22COMMUNITY SCIENCE PROGRAM To start the New Year, in late February we announced the launch of ourCommunity Science Program. Community Science involves volunteers who contribute basic observations on plants, animals, and other living things that bolster local and global scientific research in support of conservation andecosystem-based management goals.From saving amphibians and tagging butterflies, to identifying plants andinsects, there were multiple events that interested the many volunteers inthis group. No previous experience was needed as the training was provided. Volunteers learned how to identify wildlife, conduct population surveys,and contribute to real science as they helped Heritage Conservancy withtheir conservation efforts. This community science data has helped to inform Heritage Conservancys preservation management decisions to increase conservation value. Additionally, through the use of tools like iNaturalist, the information enhances data available for scientists to track species and populations over time and contributes to larger worldwide conservation initiatives.This has helped Heritage Conservancy with Property Stewardship management, while helping the scientific community as a whole gain a better understanding of where plants and animals are located and how they migrate.Join our Community Science Team to make a difference!If you are interested in joining the community science program, please contact our Development Associate Melissa Lee at mlee@heritageconservancy.org orour Conservation Steward Tyler Kovacs at tkovacs@heritageconservancy.org.IN SEPTEMBER 2022, HERITAGE CONSERVANCY WAS PLEASED TO INTRODUCE SUBSCRIBERS TO OUR NEW MONTHLY E-NEWSLETTER, CONNECTIONS.Connections isdistributed on the third Tuesday of every month and highlights news updates, important resources, recent accomplishments, our business community, and upcoming events. The newsletter includes multiple sections, including thefollowing: Connections to Nature, Community, Change, History, and Our Mission.To stay up to date with all things Heritage Conservancy, sign up forour monthly newsletter by visiting the bottom of our homepage atwww.heritageconservancy.org. +3'