b'THE CITY NATURE CHALLENGECHRISTMAS BIRD COUNT During the City Nature Challenge, volunteers exploredWith the help of volunteers, Heritage our preserves using iNaturalist to document as manyConservancys first Christmas Birdspecies as they could. This data counted toward theCount observed 28 different bird speciesglobal competition to identify the most species. utilizing Quakertown Swamp Preserve. MINI BIOBLITZ We identified over 100 species during the Mini BioBlitz of our Jackson PondPreserve. Half of Jackson Pond Prond prond Preserve is a native pollinator meadow that wasinstalled a few years ago. It was seeded with native plant seeds of many species.The goal was to determine if each of the species that was seeded got established within the meadow. To our delight, almost every plant species that was seededin the meadow has been successfully established. We also identified all the animals we found that day, as part of the Mini BioBlitz.13'